Augmented Reality App

The Augmented Reality component of the Inspiration Orlando project consists of the Geogram location-based AR app created by Geogram Corporation — a leading developer and provider of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software.

Two levels of experience will be available to users as they experience the physical art installations:

●      Viewing videos created by the art team about highlighted elements in the mural, such as people, illustrations or events.

●      Viewing videos made by members of the public using the app and left behind as commentary.

The Geogram app amplifies the mural and extends its reach by enabling users to leave their personal video responses at the on-site location of the work using their smartphone or tablet device. The app allows users to also share these videos on social media so people offsite can view the videos inside a virtual reality image of the location where they were posted.

Users can record video selfies to share their memories and feelings, or they can upload existing video footage of their lost loved ones to be tagged at a mural location.

In this context, those videos, or ‘geograms,’ are a digital shrine for those we wish to remember, and would be available for viewing by anyone at the location who is using the app.
— Srinivas Krishna, CEO of Geogram Corporation

Visitors can experience the Inspiration Orlando murals either while in geographic proximity to or physically at the site(s), or when users are away from the site(s) and wish to learn about the murals. Geogram supports the vision of Inspiration Orlando and contributes to people's healing by giving them a way to participate in the artwork.