INteractive Murals

The heart of Inspiration Orlando is the work of murals created to capture inspirational visual reminders of the people, elements and emotions that contribute to our shared history. The murals created or curated by Inspiration Orlando will contain ground breaking technological engagement that expands the experience for viewers. In addition to the components presented in the physical location of the artwork, electronic media will be linked to allow viewers to go deeper into the stories of the people, elements and events depicted.

The Study Mural

The first work to be unveiled is the concept mural, which emerged as the team became acquainted with the stories of family and friends of those who died, survivors, public officials and other visible participants in the aftermath of the event. The “study” or “draft” concept mural reflects a journey of discovery in the first year by the artists. It serves as the foundation to a larger and more complex wall installation to come. The artwork on the current draft includes the facial representation of all 49 victims, some survivors, and a selection of inspirational responders and passionate caregivers rising up in the community at large. Made up of panels, the draft mural is 36 feet wide by 12 feet tall and depicts figures both current and from recent history who have provided inspiration to those lives at the forefront of the tragedy.

The Grand Mural

The larger permanent mural will include other emerging story points as connections are made and the geographic location is finalized in the phase ahead.